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 March  2nd - March 5th, 2023

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ROSIES 9 AM Springhill
Sunday March 5th

Please give yourself plenty of time to park - it is Flagler Avenue area. No early admittance, please

Admission: $5. Included in 3
day pass, or covered by
exhibiting filmmaker pass.


BRANNON - (Small Room)



10:00  A.M.  


Will You Answer the Call, USA 3:05

Directed by Alan Bohms


A call to civil service


When, USA 5:38

Directed by Alexa Sheehan

Drama Short

A mysterious child visits a lonely person on a farm


The Unfulfilled Closet, USA :48

Directed by Donna Winnett Guhtrie


Think of who unworn clothing could help


Have You Seen My Hat, USA 3:05

Directed by Sheree Johnson

Drama Short

An older mind commits to expressing herself


The Day Before Midnight, USA 13:56

Directed by Sheree Johnson

Drama Short

An older mind commits to expressing herself


E-Rickshawali, USA 25:05

Directed by Rohini Hak

Drama Short

Set in India, the story rolls alongside the new-fangled electric rickshaw

11:05 A.M.



Three Sisters, USA   1:36:02

Directed by Monika Gossmann

Feature, Drama

Fans of Chekov will be intrigued with this interpretation, which was filmed in the boundaries of the pandemic lockdown and social distancing, by a UF Professor.


12:50 PM  


Consider it Not so Deeply, USA 4:54

Directed by James Woodward

Short, Drama

The Original Real Housewife of Scotland - Season I - 1607

Authenticity, the Musical USA 1:26:00

Directed by Johnny Cassidy (STUDENT FILM)

Feature, Musical

A student outside of the social media NORMS, makes authentic overtures of friendship, to the puzzlement of his digital peers…




2:30 PM - Popular Request


The Dream of B Soares, France   6:00

Directed by Thibault Chollet

Drama Short, Animation

Fantastical beauty


Tank Talk Pilot, USA 25:00

Directed by Mike Salva

Comedy, Animation

The pilot of the Mike Salva created series Tank Talk

Fish have opinions too


Save the Digis, USA 2:17

Comedy, Animation

Fans of Animae know 


Animation, Inc.: Ireland’s Creative Industry, Ireland 28:10

Directed by Darren Williams

Documentary Short on escaping unions and creating Ireland’s animation industry


Surviving Pulse

Brannon Center

Doors Open 5:30

No sales at the Door. No exceptions!




9:50 AM 


The Pandemic Dances,  USA 17:37

Directed By Richard Daniels

Short, Faith Based

A man expresses pandemic loneliness, by dancing in isolation.


Hope’s Labyrinth  USA 4:53

Directed By Alexa Sheehan

Short, Faith Based

A child’s journey through ruins takes on a mystical quality.


The Real Impact  USA :30

Directed By Daniel Blu Cervante


The Plastic Pollution Coalition PSA  with a discarded water bottle as main character


Get ‘Em Addicted  USA 7:28

Directed By Chandler Bradly, Mark Kilcoyne

Short, Documentary

The owner of a skateshop sees a healthy passtime for youth


Who Killed Jazz?  USA 7:28

Directed By Ben Makinen

Short, Documentary

Musicians reflect on a lifetime of accepting low fees or pay to play for the love of the form 


Wolf in His Belly USA 8:22

Directed By Oluwaseyl Thomas

Short, Documentary

A two-time cancer survivor reflects how the art of Aikido serves as a lifeline in processing mental and physical recovery 


I Feel Beauty  United Kingdom 3:22

Directed By Angelo Iudice

Short, Documentary

One character questions the criteria by which we judge beauty 


ruOK?, USA 2:00

Directed by Robin Murray


The importance on checking on neighbors and loved ones 


11:00 AM 


On the Contrary, USA 7:47

Directed by Ayana Ahuja

Short, Drama (STUDENT FILM)

A goodie two shoes wonders where impulsivity might lead


Stories Hitting the Shore, Turkey 11:29

Directed by Erdal Kara

Short, Drama

Escaping from the war in Syria in 2015, a family settles in Güllük, but do we ever escape?


Plastic Problem, USA :30

Directed by Brian Hall


Plastic crops up in the most inconvenient places


Anxiety Overcome, Luxembourg 17:30

Directed by Phillippe Hamelle

A slowly revealed introspective look at anxiety…


Help Prevent Firefighter Cancer, USA 1:32

Directed by Alan Bohms


Better responses needed for our first responders…


OTW, Malaysia 5:28

Directed by Adam Chong

Short, Drama

A prank brings an uninvited guest to a funeral…


Manatee Rescue, USA 5:28

Directed by Shannon Malone-DeBendictis

(Produced by Riverside Conservancy)

The last stand of a Florida Treasure…


Not Why I Skate, USA 6:11

Directed by Luca Peronnard

Documentary, Short (F.I.R.S.T. Institute Student Film

A father goes the extra mile to support his son’s passion and ambition for skateboarding

12:00 PM


The World’s Best Film Australia, 1:29:00

Feature, Personal Journey Documentary

Directed by Joshua Belinfante

A man given limited time travels the globe to find people living their truth…


2:30 PM 


I’ve Had my Good Day  USA 1:25:00

Directed By Tim Courlas

Feature, Documentary

The story of a Penman. The fonts we take for granted in a digital world, were first someone’s art.

Evening Program

Directors Showcase at The Hub on Canal

Doors Open 5:30 Wine and Mingle



A Walk to Breathe, USA    8:00

Directed by Scott Mena

Documentary Short

A NYC actor escapes a small apartment for a look at his beloved city, and a darkened Broadway


Mask On, USA 1:43

Directed by Kevin Guzman, Zayden Yancey, Samaj Staton

Short Smartphone, Music Video STUDENT FILM


Spectrum of Sound ‘Stand By Me’, USA    4:16

The Doug Flutie Foundation

A vocal performance group representing the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism counteracts the isolation of lock down with cheer, positivity, and a determination to join their voices once again. 


War is Hellish, USA   1:59

Directed by Matt Sellars

Comedy Short


Head Space, Australia     2:55

Directed by Romy Palan

Comedy Short

A woman bickers with her alter ego


The Unicorn, France    4:23

Directed by Cedrick Spinassou

Comedy Short, Smartphone

A divorced father, whose children are not wtih him,  channels them through their stuffed animals


When Life Gives You Lemons, Take them…, United Kingdom   4:23

Directed by Kyriakos Georgiou

Comedy Short


Tina Time,  USA  3:50

Directed by Ashna Sharan

Comedy Short, Smartphone

Young people attempt to finish a short film despite being unable to gather for filming


Late Night Snack, USA   1:23

Directed by Nick Luna

Comedy Short


The Unbearable Everything Australia USA

Directed by John Cunningham

A man contemplates the ability to take things at face value in the world…


It’s Over USA 3:37

Short, Drama FSU STUDENT

Is Breaking up hard to do, during a pandemic?





I Have to Tweet That! USA 4:48

Directed by Jake Allen

Drama Educational (STUDENT FILM)

Can keeping up with friends on social media make a person lonely?


Moonlight Serenade, Russia 3:39

Directed by Ruslan Aknov

Nature Edit

The ocean serenades the moon, at the intersection of poetic Renaissance paintings.


#getnosey, USA 1:00

Directed by Jake Allen


Is there a case for violating youth privacy in the modern child’s world?


Welcome to Forever, USA 9:22

Directed by John Gray

Drama Short

Happily ever hereafter…


Axe Soup, USA 6:22

Directed by Austin Janowsky

Screenplay by Candido Soto, III

An old Russian fairy tale comes alive…


Have you Seen my Hat?, USA 3:05

Directed by Sheree Johnson

Drama, Short

A retired once activist gives a nod to to the next-gen civil rights work, and surprises people who think she is past paying attention


The Militiaman, Denmark 31:52

Directed by David Peter Hansen

Documentary, Short

Assigning no value, a European filmmaker objectively explores the point of view of a member of an American Militia

Saturday - Brannon Center

Film Blocks


10:00 am


Last Attic, USA 3:36

Directed by Charles Bain

Drama, Short

Two school girls wait out the Holocaust in an attic…


The Florida East Coast Railway in NSB - 17:14

The Early Years of Steam USA

Directed by Brion Reilly

Documentary short

Produced by New Smyrna Museum of History

How the railway brought a Black American labor force to NSB, and created the Historic Westside.



FC, USA 1:20:47

Directed by KR

Documentary, Feature

An exiled journalist struggles to heal her family’s tragic past in her new life in San Francisco.


11:40 am 


Crossed, France 1:00

Directed by Jean-Charles Fritz

Drama, Short - Smartphone

A well to do retired lady meets a tagger, only to learn they share a sentiment for a popular movement in France raising awareness about violence against women. 


Tim Bradley, USA 1:05

Directed by Radomir Jordan

Drama, Short - Smartphone

Be careful blurring fiction and reality


The Florida East Coast Railway in NSB - 17:14

Modern Age of Diesel USA

Directed by Brion Reilly

Documentary short

Produced by New Smyrna Museum of History

How the railway brought a Black American labor force to NSB, and created the Historic Westside.




Delivering Hope, USA 1:28:5

Directed by Jordan Orsak

Documentary, Feature

On November 16, 2019, eight days before his 50th birthday, ultra-runner Kevin Kline set out to become the first person in history to run the northernmost 300 miles of Alaska's dangerous Dalton Highway, in winter. Facing -40F temperatures, ice & darkness to run an 8lb backpack full of pediatric cancer names to the virtual top of the world.




The Fellowship of the Springs, USA 1:37:11

Directed by Oscar Corral

Feature, Documentary

An Emmy award winning Director sets out to examine the practical and existential  threats to the security of Florida’s extraordinary system of artesian springs, a phenom unparalleled in the world. A hard look at the intersection of nature, leisure, politics and profit,and apathy, by a seasoned former investigative journalist.

It’s 5:00 here


The Five O’Clock Block is for a mature audience 16+ NO EXCEPTIONS. It contains mature themes and includes the genres of Suspense, Psychological Drama, Thriller and Horror. Following the Block, filmmakers and guests will be barhopping on Canal Street to celebrate the end of the festival. See you there!


Maybe It's the Apocalypse, USA 14:45

Directed by, Diana Lanham

Comedic Drama, Short Smartphone

In the 2020 election cycle, a mother and daughter experience Trump derangement syndrome, and keep seeing clowns…


Inexistence, USA 2:27

Directed by, Sophia Grant

Experimental, Short Smartphone

Haunting photography, emphasizing the connection between the earth and the human psyche… 


All In, Canada 10:50

Directed by Philippe Vanesse Paquet, Rosalie Remillard

Drama, Short 

An everyman finds steps into the world of poker, and escaping his anonymity, bets on himself … 


A Murder in the Forest, USA 7:58

Directed by, Jason Michael Perriciaro

Drama, Short 

A hunter, a dead body and a bloody hiker…who is innocent?


Cicada, USA 9:05

Directed by Freddie Jarrett

Drama, Short 

A cute vacation rental, but the listing didn’t mention the alien probe…


Lights, USA 3:32

Directed by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan

Experimental, Short 

An open ended suspense narrative for the viewer’s interpretation


3 Conversations in April, USA 11:12

Directed by Susan Hamovitch

Docudrama, Short


The Filmmaker records calls to her brother - an older man with autism  to provide something familiar in his upended life during lockdown. Feelings created by policy changes at this time emerge,  and the film gradually reveals some unsettling realities


Anima USA 12:35

Directed by Jennifer Jessum

Short, Faith Based

Anima is the life principle in a living thing; anti animal cruelty subject matter


The Muse, USA 3:32

Directed by Juliana Lee White, (FSU Film Student)

Drama, Short

An artist encounters his imagined muse

Watermark Big.png
Statue with Mask

Let's Enjoy Art Mindful of every person's comfort level.
--Masks encouraged, Sam400 Systems 
--Distancing Measures in Place
--Minimal attendee handling of same items
--Electronic Where Possible
You may not know what someone is going through or who they are protecting.
Let's gather, safely and respectfully.




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