March  2-5, 2023

          March 1, PM Filmmakers Welcome Barhop

          March 2, DAY - Daily Screenings - Brannon

          March 2 - PM Opening Night Gala - Brannon

          SURVIVING PULSE... 

          March 3, DAY - DAILY Screenings - Marriott

          March 3, PM - Directors' Showcase - TBD

          March 4, DAY - Daily Screenings - Brannon

          March 4, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE SPRINGS,                Afternoon Feature at THE BRANNON

          March 4, PM - Closing Film - TBA

          March 5,  ROSIE AWARDS BREAKFAST- Marriott

Opening Night Gala

105 So. Riverside Drive, NSB, FL 32168

Join us for the Documentary debut of another amazing NSB Director, Alexa Sheehan, for a quintessentially New Smyrna night in the architecturally magnificent, waterfront Brannon. Sample the signature flavors found on land and sea around NSB, while viewing Sheehan's shockingly candid and emotionaly moving chronicle of...Surviving Pulse...  The film takes you from private audio, recorded live inside Pulse as the events unfurled, to the incredible journey toward healing and forgiveness as told by five survivors and some community leaders. The brave nature of the subjects' candidness, skillfully and heartfully brought out by Sheehan, will stay with you for a long time. Produced by Nancy McBride, this screening is for 13 and older. The Brannon Center's use is generously sponsored by The City of New Smyrna Beach, and we thank the City Commission for their incredible support. 

Marriott Springhill Suites -
Host Hotel, Room Block, Rosie Awards Breakfast

512 Flagler Ave, NSB 32168


Daily screenings per schedule; Sunday 3/5/23, 10:00 a.m.. Rosie Awards,  Continental Breakfast, + the smoove sounds of James Duchon

Great choice for lodging with an oceanfacing Starbucks, Full Bar, Pool, plus the coolest piano lobby in town by night. Reserve a room on the lodging page - click through for 15% off prevailing rates when you put RDFF in your memo!


2021 Best in Genre Directors were awarded a download of Final Draft 12 - a $250 value each! Could that be you?  It all starts with the script...


Filmmaker Gift Bag Sponsors 2021-22







9:00 A.M.

Magdala Rose, Australia  1:48:12

Directed by Paul Day

Award winning faith-based historical fiction


11:15 A.M.


Atlantic Sunrise, USA 5:00

Directed by Kelly Adams

Documentary Short 


The Conversation, Norway 10:00

Directed by Daniel Paida Larsen

Drama - Short


Bathtub by the Sea, Norway 14:45

Directed by Ole-Andre Rennenberg

Drama Short


Menuett, Germany 10:00

Directed by F. Karolus

Drama Short


Never Give Up, Malta 15:00

Directed by Jonathan Schornig

Documentary Short


Pushing the Boundaries, USA 5:00

Pat Battistini & Stephanie Wilis

Documentary Short


Ouroboros, USA 5:00

Directed by Heather Knott

Drama Short

12:20 PM -



The Dream of B Soares, France   6:00

Directed by Thibault Chollet

Drama Short, Animation


Tank Talk Pilot, USA 25:00

Directed by Mike Salva

Comedy, Animation

The pilot of the Mike Salva created series Tank Talk


Save the Digis, USA 2:17

Comedy, Animation


This selection will Live Stream

(barring no weather or other complications)


Animation, Inc.: Ireland’s Creative Industry, Ireland 28:10

Directed by Darren Williams

Documentary Short on American Animation Producers escaping unions and creating Ireland’s animation industry


1:30 PM


Diagnosing Healthcare, USA 1:29

Director Paul Roberts

Documentary Feature exploring the American Healthcare system Pre-Covid


3:10 PM 



Mixed Genre made 80% or more on Smartphones


Punta Allen, Switzerland  5:53

Directed by Simon Albert Keller


A Bullet Away, USA   8:40

Directed by Christopher Gando


70 Days, Italy  8:55

Directed by Francesco Alino Guerra


A Sunday in May, USA   2:00

Directed by Carlos Matias

“Mime”  USA 12:35

Directed By Jesse Sockwell

Short Smartphone


Sunrise On A Crazy Day USA, 3:57

Directed By John G Young, M.D.

Short Smartphone


The Ant, Poland   2:19

Directed by Karolina Lachmacka

Fruit Cake, USA  6:00

Directed by Violatta Anna Licari


Encounter, Japan 7:25

Directed by Yoshino Takemoto


4:10 PM


Raheel, Iran     30:00

Directed by Ayat Asadi Rahbar

Drama Short


Tank Talk #2: Who Ate Carl? 5:07

Directed by Mike Salva *

Comedy Short, Animation


Altitude, Austria    10:00

Directed by Nicole Sherer

Drama Short


The Return of the Panther, USA  8:33 

Directed by Oscar Corral

Documentary Short/Environmental


Choker, United Kingdom *

Directed by Orson Cornick

Drama Short/Environmental





10:00 AM

Change Your Frame - Car, USA :30

Directed by Kevin Wu



With Love, USA   2:11

Directed by Julia Beck

Documentary Short


Sirin, USA  4:58

Directed by John Cheney

Drama Short


Express Your Voice, USA  2:55

Directed by Ayana Ahuja



Cat Scratch Fever, USA   2:22

Directed by Andrew M. Volpe

Short Comedy


Il Grande Presidente, Italy  5:00

Directed by Giovanni Basso

Drama Short


Demons Within, USA     3:23

Directed by Sybil Allen

Documentary Short


12:00 PM


Rabbit Hole, Canada    6:56

Directed by` Derrick Glen

Comedy Short


Before Dawn, Belgium 13:48

Director, Gabriel Vanderpas

Drama Short


Way Back, South Africa   3:18

Directed by Per Kasch

Drama Short


The Mara, Russia 6:42

Directed by Alexander Makaroverse

Drama Short


2:00 PM


Ladybug, USA   1:56

Directed by Elmar Bayramov, Elchin Aghayev

Drama Short

Mancacioasa, Canada     3:14

Directed by Roxana Baloiu

Documentary Short

Irresistible USA  4:21 (mature rating)

Directed by Sarah Gambles

Comedy Short

Limbo, Iran  15:00

Directed by Ghasideh Golmakani

Drama Short

Echo, Iran  7:07

Directed by Barzan Rostami

Drama Short

Unexpected, Poland  8:49

Directed by Mateusz Bulawa

Documentary Short 


Stumbling Stones, Germany  13:18

Directed by Reza Sam Mosadegh

Drama Short



You Are Here, You Were Here   Japan 1:25

Directed by Kousuke

Feature, Drama

An extraordinary coming of age film



9:00 A.M. 


Multi Genre


The Christmas Card, USA   1:50

Directed by Kristen Butler


DayDream, The Love Project, JAPAN   4:41

Directed by Jamie Kassler *


Bobby, USA    9:12

Directed by Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick


Purgatory, USA  23:00 *

Directed by Malcolm X. Johnson  


The Dark Places, USA  16:21

Directed by Tommy G. Kendrick

To The Ends - Peru Episode, USA   13:00

Directed by Mark Koch, Chris Smith




However You Celebrate, USA  :54

Directed by Jaime Wood



This Wild Land, USA  14:20

Directed by Brendan Harris

Documentary Short/Environmental


Tank Talk #4 - Rescue, USA   5”26

Directed by Mike Salva

Comedy Short


Droid Story, USA     11:25 *

Directed by Alexa Sheehan



The Stone Guest, Russia     8:20

Directed by Marina Fomenko

Documentary Short


Joselyn’s Story, USA      7:25

Directed by Martinez, Lozano, Sorath, Gomez

Documentary Short

A woman recounts her Mother’s desperation to get her out of Central America as a child


The Flip Side, 8:21

Directed by William Stead

Documentary Short


Unaids Data, Switzerland  :40

Directed by D.K. Odessa



Motherland, USA     25:00

Directed by Colby Blackwill

Documentary Short




Anna, United Kingdom    14:59

Directed by Derek Berenson

Drama Short


Tank Talk #5 - Feast, USA 4:50

Director Mike Salva

Comedy Short


A Voice for Whales, USA    23:00

Directed by Selket Kaufman *

Documentary Short/Environmental


Silent Movie, Brasil    15:00

Directed by Melo Viana

Drama Short

The Henchman of Notre Dame USA 11:52

Directed by Timothy Naylor

Comedy Short


Mr. Rossi, Italy    5:00

Directed bt Pat Battistini

Comedy Short


Death Offers Life, Last Moments of Van Gogh, India  8:00

Directed by Saheer Abbas

Drama Short


Someone Good will Find You, USA   8:40

Directed by Leelila Strogov

Drama Short


Feel India, Republic of Moldova    11:22

Directed by Ion Sova

Documentary Short


2:45 PM

Bored in the House



A Walk to Breathe, USA    8:00

Directed by Scott Mena *

Documentary Short

A New Yorker takes an essential walk along a darkened Broadway


Spectrum of Sound ‘Stand By Me’, USA    4:16 *

The Doug Flutie Foundation


War is Hellish, USA   1:59

Directed by Matt Sellars

Comedy Short


Late Night Snack, USA   1:23

Directed by Nick Luna

Comedy Short


Head Space, Australia     2:55

Directed by Romy Palan *

Comedy Short


All Boys Die, USA   13:05 **

Directed by Julio C. Vargas

Drama Short


When Life Gives You Lemons, Take them…, United Kingdom   4:23

Directed by Kyriakos Georgiou

Comedy Short


We are Outside Playing in the Garden, Germany   10:00

Director Friederike Hoppe

Drama Short

Where will you cope as you wait for the Apocalypse?


The Unicorn, France    4:23

Directed by Cedrick Spinassou

Comedy Short, Smartphone


Tina Time,  USA  3:50

Directed by Ashna Sharan

Comedy Short, Smartphone


4:00 pm

Volusia Student Films


The Helping Hand, USA    7:15

Directed by Rindy Ding *

Written by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek HS


Kidnaps, USA  3:00

Directed by Nya Maldonado

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Bad Kisser, USA  3:10 **

Directed by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek High School


Women in Softball  

Directed by Emily McCowan

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Operation Bella Luminosa, USA    5:15

Directed by  Ryan Wiener

Written by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek HS


Tragedy & Triumph..The Newsboy Strike, USA    9:44

Directed by Stephen Brandt 

Documentary Short - St. Barnabas


Bring Back the Fun, USA  3:00

Directed by Alyssa Braun *

PSA - Galaxy Middle School


Eating Disorders, USA  3:06

Directed by Olivia Aleman

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Drunk Driving is Distracted Driving , USA  4:00

Directed by Felipe Soto

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Teens Against Distracted Driving. USA  4:13

Directed by Joseph Gonzalez  *

Documentary Short  - Galaxy Middle School


One Life=One Sacrifice, USA  1:38

Directed by Hannah Rosario, Carlie Camenish

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Spread the Joy, USA  1:29

Directed by Bianca Castillo

PSA/ Deltona High School


Astro, USA  2:09

Directed by Christian Ripley

Deltona High School

Statue with Mask

Let's Enjoy Art Mindful of every person's comfort level.
--Masks encouraged, Sam400 Systems 
--Distancing Measures in Place
--Minimal attendee handling of same items
--Electronic Where Possible
You may not know what someone is going through or who they are protecting.
Let's gather, safely and respectfully.