SEPTEMBER  14-18, 2022

          SEPT 14, Check In, Welcome Gathering - TBA

          SEPT 15-17, 2022 BRANNON CENTER



Best in Genre Directors were awarded a download of Final Draft 12 - a $250 value each! Could that be you?  It all starts with the script...

Rosie Awards 2021 WINNERS on Last Tab!

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The Brannon Center -
Taste of NSB/Premiere: film tbd

105 So. Riverside Drive, NSB, FL 32168


Calling all lovers of food and films - sample the signature flavors found on land and sea around NSB, while viewing an actual world Premiere! tbd - ask anyone who went in 2021 - a quintessentially New Smyrna night in the architecturally magnificent waterfront, Brannon, whose use is generously sponsored by The City of New Smyrna Beach. THINK YOU HAVE A PREMIERE CALIBER PIECE LIKE MY INVISIBLE HUSBAND? SUBMIT AND SEND US AN EMAIL ASKING FOR THAT CONSIDERATION AND WE WILL TAKE A LOOK!

Trailer below is from the 2021 Premiere ENJOYED BY NEARLY 400 GUESTS - now that's a screening!

Marriott Springhill Suites -
Host Hotel, Room Block, Rosie Awards Breakfast

512 Flagler Ave, NSB 32168


Sunday 9/18/22, 10:00 a.m.. Rosie Awards,  Continental Breakfast, + the smoove sounds of James Duchon

, Starbucks, Bar, Oceanfront pool and the coolest piano lobby in town. Reserve a room on the lodging page they block sells out fast!

2021 Program








9:00 A.M.

Magdala Rose, Australia  1:48:12

Directed by Paul Day

Award winning faith-based historical fiction


11:15 A.M.


Atlantic Sunrise, USA 5:00

Directed by Kelly Adams

Documentary Short 


The Conversation, Norway 10:00

Directed by Daniel Paida Larsen

Drama - Short


Bathtub by the Sea, Norway 14:45

Directed by Ole-Andre Rennenberg

Drama Short


Menuett, Germany 10:00

Directed by F. Karolus

Drama Short


Never Give Up, Malta 15:00

Directed by Jonathan Schornig

Documentary Short


Pushing the Boundaries, USA 5:00

Pat Battistini & Stephanie Wilis

Documentary Short


Ouroboros, USA 5:00

Directed by Heather Knott

Drama Short

12:20 PM -



The Dream of B Soares, France   6:00

Directed by Thibault Chollet

Drama Short, Animation


Tank Talk Pilot, USA 25:00

Directed by Mike Salva

Comedy, Animation

The pilot of the Mike Salva created series Tank Talk


Save the Digis, USA 2:17

Comedy, Animation


This selection will Live Stream

(barring no weather or other complications)


Animation, Inc.: Ireland’s Creative Industry, Ireland 28:10

Directed by Darren Williams

Documentary Short on American Animation Producers escaping unions and creating Ireland’s animation industry


1:30 PM


Diagnosing Healthcare, USA 1:29

Director Paul Roberts

Documentary Feature exploring the American Healthcare system Pre-Covid


3:10 PM 



Mixed Genre made 80% or more on Smartphones


Punta Allen, Switzerland  5:53

Directed by Simon Albert Keller


A Bullet Away, USA   8:40

Directed by Christopher Gando


70 Days, Italy  8:55

Directed by Francesco Alino Guerra


A Sunday in May, USA   2:00

Directed by Carlos Matias

“Mime”  USA 12:35

Directed By Jesse Sockwell

Short Smartphone


Sunrise On A Crazy Day USA, 3:57

Directed By John G Young, M.D.

Short Smartphone


The Ant, Poland   2:19

Directed by Karolina Lachmacka

Fruit Cake, USA  6:00

Directed by Violatta Anna Licari


Encounter, Japan 7:25

Directed by Yoshino Takemoto


4:10 PM


Raheel, Iran     30:00

Directed by Ayat Asadi Rahbar

Drama Short


Tank Talk #2: Who Ate Carl? 5:07

Directed by Mike Salva *

Comedy Short, Animation


Altitude, Austria    10:00

Directed by Nicole Sherer

Drama Short


The Return of the Panther, USA  8:33 

Directed by Oscar Corral

Documentary Short/Environmental


Choker, United Kingdom *

Directed by Orson Cornick

Drama Short/Environmental




10:00 AM

Change Your Frame - Car, USA :30

Directed by Kevin Wu



With Love, USA   2:11

Directed by Julia Beck

Documentary Short


Sirin, USA  4:58

Directed by John Cheney

Drama Short


Express Your Voice, USA  2:55

Directed by Ayana Ahuja



Cat Scratch Fever, USA   2:22

Directed by Andrew M. Volpe

Short Comedy


Il Grande Presidente, Italy  5:00

Directed by Giovanni Basso

Drama Short


Demons Within, USA     3:23

Directed by Sybil Allen

Documentary Short


12:00 PM


Rabbit Hole, Canada    6:56

Directed by` Derrick Glen

Comedy Short


Before Dawn, Belgium 13:48

Director, Gabriel Vanderpas

Drama Short


Way Back, South Africa   3:18

Directed by Per Kasch

Drama Short


The Mara, Russia 6:42

Directed by Alexander Makaroverse

Drama Short


2:00 PM


Ladybug, USA   1:56

Directed by Elmar Bayramov, Elchin Aghayev

Drama Short

Mancacioasa, Canada     3:14

Directed by Roxana Baloiu

Documentary Short

Irresistible USA  4:21 (mature rating)

Directed by Sarah Gambles

Comedy Short

Limbo, Iran  15:00

Directed by Ghasideh Golmakani

Drama Short

Echo, Iran  7:07

Directed by Barzan Rostami

Drama Short

Unexpected, Poland  8:49

Directed by Mateusz Bulawa

Documentary Short 


Stumbling Stones, Germany  13:18

Directed by Reza Sam Mosadegh

Drama Short



You Are Here, You Were Here   Japan 1:25

Directed by Kousuke

Feature, Drama

An extraordinary coming of age film



9:00 A.M. 


Multi Genre


The Christmas Card, USA   1:50

Directed by Kristen Butler


DayDream, The Love Project, JAPAN   4:41

Directed by Jamie Kassler *


Bobby, USA    9:12

Directed by Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick


Purgatory, USA  23:00 *

Directed by Malcolm X. Johnson  


The Dark Places, USA  16:21

Directed by Tommy G. Kendrick

To The Ends - Peru Episode, USA   13:00

Directed by Mark Koch, Chris Smith




However You Celebrate, USA  :54

Directed by Jaime Wood



This Wild Land, USA  14:20

Directed by Brendan Harris

Documentary Short/Environmental


Tank Talk #4 - Rescue, USA   5”26

Directed by Mike Salva

Comedy Short


Droid Story, USA     11:25 *

Directed by Alexa Sheehan



The Stone Guest, Russia     8:20

Directed by Marina Fomenko

Documentary Short


Joselyn’s Story, USA      7:25

Directed by Martinez, Lozano, Sorath, Gomez

Documentary Short

A woman recounts her Mother’s desperation to get her out of Central America as a child


The Flip Side, 8:21

Directed by William Stead

Documentary Short


Unaids Data, Switzerland  :40

Directed by D.K. Odessa



Motherland, USA     25:00

Directed by Colby Blackwill

Documentary Short




Anna, United Kingdom    14:59

Directed by Derek Berenson

Drama Short


Tank Talk #5 - Feast, USA 4:50

Director Mike Salva

Comedy Short


A Voice for Whales, USA    23:00

Directed by Selket Kaufman *

Documentary Short/Environmental


Silent Movie, Brasil    15:00

Directed by Melo Viana

Drama Short

The Henchman of Notre Dame USA 11:52

Directed by Timothy Naylor

Comedy Short


Mr. Rossi, Italy    5:00

Directed bt Pat Battistini

Comedy Short


Death Offers Life, Last Moments of Van Gogh, India  8:00

Directed by Saheer Abbas

Drama Short


Someone Good will Find You, USA   8:40

Directed by Leelila Strogov

Drama Short


Feel India, Republic of Moldova    11:22

Directed by Ion Sova

Documentary Short


2:45 PM

Bored in the House



A Walk to Breathe, USA    8:00

Directed by Scott Mena *

Documentary Short

A New Yorker takes an essential walk along a darkened Broadway


Spectrum of Sound ‘Stand By Me’, USA    4:16 *

The Doug Flutie Foundation


War is Hellish, USA   1:59

Directed by Matt Sellars

Comedy Short


Late Night Snack, USA   1:23

Directed by Nick Luna

Comedy Short


Head Space, Australia     2:55

Directed by Romy Palan *

Comedy Short


All Boys Die, USA   13:05 **

Directed by Julio C. Vargas

Drama Short


When Life Gives You Lemons, Take them…, United Kingdom   4:23

Directed by Kyriakos Georgiou

Comedy Short


We are Outside Playing in the Garden, Germany   10:00

Director Friederike Hoppe

Drama Short

Where will you cope as you wait for the Apocalypse?


The Unicorn, France    4:23

Directed by Cedrick Spinassou

Comedy Short, Smartphone


Tina Time,  USA  3:50

Directed by Ashna Sharan

Comedy Short, Smartphone


4:00 pm

Volusia Student Films


The Helping Hand, USA    7:15

Directed by Rindy Ding *

Written by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek HS


Kidnaps, USA  3:00

Directed by Nya Maldonado

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Bad Kisser, USA  3:10 **

Directed by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek High School


Women in Softball  

Directed by Emily McCowan

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Operation Bella Luminosa, USA    5:15

Directed by  Ryan Wiener

Written by Lexi Brandt

Comedy Short - Spruce Creek HS


Tragedy & Triumph..The Newsboy Strike, USA    9:44

Directed by Stephen Brandt 

Documentary Short - St. Barnabas


Bring Back the Fun, USA  3:00

Directed by Alyssa Braun *

PSA - Galaxy Middle School


Eating Disorders, USA  3:06

Directed by Olivia Aleman

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Drunk Driving is Distracted Driving , USA  4:00

Directed by Felipe Soto

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Teens Against Distracted Driving. USA  4:13

Directed by Joseph Gonzalez  *

Documentary Short  - Galaxy Middle School


One Life=One Sacrifice, USA  1:38

Directed by Hannah Rosario, Carlie Camenish

Documentary Short - Galaxy Middle School


Spread the Joy, USA  1:29

Directed by Bianca Castillo

PSA/ Deltona High School


Astro, USA  2:09

Directed by Christian Ripley

Deltona High School

Statue with Mask

Let's Enjoy Art Mindful of every person's comfort level.
--Masks encouraged, Sam400 Systems 
--Distancing Measures in Place
--Minimal attendee handling of same items
--Electronic Where Possible
You may not know what someone is going through or who they are protecting.
Let's gather, safely and respectfully.