March 2-5, 2023

RDFF permanent move to late winter/ early spring

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The Reel Deal Film Festival is an independent film festival based in

New Smyrna Beach, Florida


We accept worldwide entries and seek the widest array of voices and perspectives possible, both student and indie. We love traditional comedies, dramas, PSAs, documentaries & faith-based, and also include new media: Smartphone, Sports Edits, TikTok.

Volusia Public and Private School Students Enter for Free as part of our Community Outreach. Alpha Code and School Name Required to be Considered or your film will not be viewed. Private/Home School students email us for a code:

2021 ROSIES Awards




Festival: Henchman of Notre Dame, Tim Naylor

Audience: Tank Talk, Directed by Mike Salva, USA



Festival:  Purgatory Malcolm X. Johnson

Audience: DayDream: The Love Project, Jamie Kassler 



Festival: Mime, Jesse Sockwell, USA

Audience: Head Space, Romy Palan, Australia


Student Film:

Festival: Helping Hand: Randy Ding - Spruce Creek High School 

Audience: PSA: Joseph Gonzalez, Teens Against Distracted Driving - Galaxy Middle School



Festival: The Visit, Christian Werner, Germany,

Audience: The Stable Boy, Jamieson Stern, USA




Audience: My Invisible Husband, Shelley Lynch.


However You Celebrate Jaime Wood, USA

Feature of the Year:

You are here; You were here - Japan

Direcetd by  Kousuke 

Covid Shorts: '21 Heart of the Festival:

Festival: A Walk to Breathe, Scott Mena, USA

Audience Award: Spectrum of Sound,  Tom Ladka & The Doug Flutie Foundation, USA 

Special Awards:



Brent Eite, My Invisible Husband, USA

Emerging Filmmaker:

Lexi Brandt, Bad Kisser USA


A Voice for Whales, Selket Kaufman, USA

The Earth & Its Creatures

CHOKER, United Kingdom, Orson Cornick

Festival Director's FIlmmaker of the Year

Julio C. Vargas, All Boys Die, USA

Grand Jury Prize

W., Stelios Kupertoris, W. Greece